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For 27+ years, the Rich Dad team has been teaching students philosophies around building financial well-being. Rich Dad U provides a platform where these philosophies come to life.

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of adults believe that learning new things throughout their lives is essential to their personal sense of fulfillment.

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Rich Dad 101.
By Robert Kiyosaki.

By Andy Tanner.

Personal Finance.
By Kim Kiyosaki.

By Symon He.

By Rich Dad Team.

By Jake Huber.

By Greg La Blanc.

By Jeff Wang.

By Greg Elfrink.

By Carden Lanpher.

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Success leaves clues. Access Rich Dad stories to see how other founders in various industries are creating and scaling profitable businesses.

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Join the Rich Dad community for financial empowerment and shared wisdom. Connect with experienced individuals, learn wealth-building strategies, and accelerate your path to lasting prosperity.

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What is Rich Dad U?
For 27+ years, the Rich Dad team has been teaching students philosophies around building financial well-being. Rich Dad U provides a platform where these philosophies come to life. Discover paths to financial well-being, learn from hand-picked instructors, connect with mentors, and find vetted professionals - all with one membership.
Is this an official Rich Dad platform?
Yes, Rich Dad U is an official learning platform of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad brand. Rich Dad U has an official button in the RichDad.com website header and footer labeled "Trusted Services"
How can I verify that Rich Dad U is official?
If you'd like extra verification that Rich Dad U is an official Rich Dad platform, simply visit the RichDad.com website and look for "Trusted Services" in the header or footer navigation. You will see that it redirects to RichDadU.com (screenshot attached below for your reference!)

What's included in my free trial?
Your free trial includes FULL access to all of Rich Dad U. This means full access to all courses, news feed, rewards center, the Rich Dad Directory, Rich Dad virtual events, newsletters, coaching, live chat and more!
Is your free trial really free?
Absolutely! Simply email or call us if you want to cancel. We will not charge your card.
What plans do you have?
We have two plans you can explore, starting at only $25/mo. View our trial options here.
How do I get in touch with Rich Dad U?
We love to hear from our members. Email us at [email protected]
Does Rich Dad U sell my data?
Never! We will never sell your data to third parties.
Is it safe to enter my payment info on RichDadU.com?
Absolutely! We use Stripe and PayPal for our payment processing. We do not have access to your card information. Every transaction is SSL 256 bit ENCRYPTED so your information is secure.
Is Rich Dad U intended for beginner or advanced students?
RDU was designed to meet each student wherever they are in their journey. We have videos, tools, chat groups, and a supportive team to help make learning a breeze for beginners. We have advanced groups and reporting for more seasoned members.
How can I cancel my trial?
You may cancel your trial in your profile section or by simply emailing [email protected]
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